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  • Lightning Address launches on Bookmark.org 🚀

    Lightning Address launches on Bookmark.org 🚀

    Lightning Address feature now on Bookmark.org 🚀 We have launched Lightning addresses on Bookmark. This means you can receive Sats with your Bookmark username by simply using ‘username@bookmark.org‘ in any supported Lightning Wallet. Human readable & beautiful 🚨 While a normal lightning invoice or LNURLs can be overwhelming for beginners, turning it into a Lightning address makes it […]

  • Introducing Bookmark.org

    Introducing Bookmark.org

    Bookmark.org is a simple archiving service. Give it links, and it creates archives for you. Nov 16, 2022 • 7 min read Why archives? Today, much of our life and culture exists in digital form. Unfortunately, many important digital artifacts are lost to history. Bookmark is building digital archives to enlighten humanity and to withstand the test […]